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Why you should register with Ladbrokes

Why You Should Register with Ladbrokes Bingo    


Ladbrokes is a popular betting brand that we all associate with sports betting. However, over the past few years, they have worked hard to diversify their portfolio of gambling products, placing a huge focus on online bingo in particular. 


And, although not the first company that springs to mind when looking for a new bingo site to play on, they probably should be. 


Below, we take a look at the top reasons Ladbrokes Bingo should be on your radar! 


The welcome bonuses on offer 


When looking for a new site to play bingo on, the majority of us will look at one thing; the welcome bonus on offer to us. Kickstarting our bingo journey, a freebie can be rather beneficial. This is why most of the big bingo brands, including Ladbrokes, offer sizable, juicy bonuses to new members. 


Currently, those new to Ladbrokes Bingo can become the recipient of a £40 free bonus. This can be claimed when the new player deposits just £10 of their own money. Going into a game equipped with £50, such free bonuses can be the difference between a small win and a life-changing one. 


And, unlike many other bingo sites there are no restrictions as to where this bonus should or should not be used. So, whether you want to spend it all at once in a game of 90-ball bingo or wish to spend it over a few 75-ball bingo sessions in your first week, you are well within your right to do so. 


Bingo room selection 


Where most of the online bingo sites out there use the same gaming developers offering the same bingo experiences, Ladbrokes are rather different. With exclusive games to them paired with new and exciting bingo variations launched weekly, no two days are the same being a Ladbrokes member. What’s more is that entry into their bingo rooms differs from room to room. So, if you only want to wager 5p on a game you can. But, if you wish to go as high as £200, that is also an option. 


As a result, their bingo products are attractive to professionals, newbies and everyone in between! 


Rooms we particularly enjoy playing in include Deal or No Deal 75, Garage, Deal or No Deal Bingo, The Living Room, Attic, Bedroom, Basement and Lucky Loft. 


Free bingo 


As we all know, any form of online betting or playing games can get out of hand, with most of us usually spending more than we would have liked on bingo sessions and the likes. This is something Ladbrokes looks to change, offering daily free bingo to ALL of its members. Where most bingo sites will reserve free bingo just for newbies, Ladbrokes extend their offering to players no matter how long they have been playing. 


Allowing players to get to grips with their platform without parting with any money, there are a huge number of benefits to indulging in free bingo now and then. Also, in many cases, their free bingo rooms have prizes, most of which come in the form of real cash. 


VIP offers


As mentioned, Ladbrokes Bingo do not just reward new members within their community, understanding just how valuable a loyal customer that plays regularly with them is. This is why when searching through the Ladbrokes website, you will come across a tab dedicated to ‘VIP Offers’. These are a long list of deals created solely for VIP players; players that utilise the bingo platform on a regular basis. 


Current offers include Happy Hour. This sees Ladbrokes increase the number of Loyalty points on offer, which can eventually be turned into cash prizes. Players can get double Loyalty Points every day between 18:00 and 20:00 and TRIPLE Loyalty Points every Wild Wednesday between 18:00 and 21:00. 


Another deal that we think is just superb is the loss back promotion. Reserved for loyal players, this deal gives bingo players 10% back on losses up to £100 when they play any bingo game. So, not only is Ladbrokes giving you fun things to spend your money on but it is also reimbursing you when you lose. 


Responsible gambling policy 


The term ‘responsible gambling’ is being thrown around a lot in recent months, with both consumer groups and the betting industry itself doing all it can to limit problem gambling. Ladbrokes is one of the key forces behind this movement, having recently pledged a % of its profits to responsible gambling causes. This is in addition to the whole suite of support services the site has to offer its members. From useful guides and tips on how to manage your e-wallet to a live chat facility that can be made use of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it is safe to say that Ladbrokes is a bingo site that looks out for its customers. 


You don’t just have to play bingo! 


One of the biggest advantages to choosing Ladbrokes as your bingo site is the fact that if you did want to venture away from bingo and have a spin on the slots or even put a cheeky accumulator on, you have the option to do so. This is because when registering with Ladbrokes, you register with all areas of the site, allowing you to enjoy bingo, casino games, sports betting, virtual sports betting, poker, scratch cards, political betting, entertainment betting and so much more!


Register with Ladbrokes through Bingo Sites 


If you are thinking of becoming a member of Ladbrokes Bingo, then you can do so via Bingo Sites now. 



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