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The Best Bingo Sites With Progressive Jackpots

The Best Bingo Sites With Progressive Jackpots  


When on the hunt for a new bingo site to play on, most will be hungry for free welcome bonuses and loyalty points. However, the smart bingo players amongst us will be focused on sites with the highest jackpots on offer.  


Where a few pounds in initial welcome bonuses is great, does it really compare to the chance to win thousands of pounds in jackpots in games that cost just a few pennies to play? We think not!  


Today, we at Bingo Sites give you a rundown of the best bingo sites offering juicy progressive jackpots, taking a look at the many sites offering £1000+ in daily jackpot prizes.  


So, if it is big winnings you are after, keep reading!  


Ladbrokes Bingo  


Ladbrokes Bingo is a site with a great community spirit about it, being incredibly inclusive, friendly and enjoyable to play bingo on.  With a whole bunch of bingo games kicking off every few seconds, the bingo fun doesn’t stop.  


Here at Bongo Sites, we decided to do some digging into their jackpots, finding out how well they fare when comparing them to other big names in the bingo industry. And, we weren’t disappointed. 


Playing in 10 different bingo rooms at peak time, we found that all 10 jackpots exceeded the £1000 mark.  


The bingo rooms we enjoyed playing in were:  


The Garage  

The Living Room  

A Room With a View  

Deal or No Deal 90  

Deal or No Deal 75  

The Chase Bingo  


Coronation Street  

The Treehouse  

Rainbow Riches  


Sign up with Ladbrokes Bingo  


If you wish to try your luck in any of the Ladbrokes Bingo rooms then register via Bingo Sites now and claim a welcome bonus of £10.  


Coral Bingo  


Coral Bingo comes from the world-renowned Coral group. Having been in operation since 1926, there is a reason players keep coming back to play bingo with them. And, in our opinion, it is the jackpots!  


With thousands of players venturing to Coral Bingo every day to play online bingo, the progressive jackpots just keep on progressing! 

When our team of reviewers spent some time on Coral, the jackpot in the Deal or No Deal room was at a rather attractive £1200!  


Popular bingo rooms known for their sizable jackpots include:  


Coconut Island  




Rush Room  

Bouncy Balls 

Clover Rollover  

Roulette 75 

80n Matey  

Matrix 75  


Sign up with Coral Bingo


Register with Coral Bingo this month and you will become the recipient of a juicy welcome bonus, with Coral Bingo giving ALL new players £10 to spend on tickets.  


The Sun Bingo  


The Sun is one of the largest news corporations in the world. But it is not just celeb gossip they are pros at! The Sun’s dedicated bingo site, Sun Bingo, is just thrilling, jam-packed with all types of exclusive bingo rooms where £1000+ jackpots are the norm.  


What’s more is that the bingo site gives players chance after chance to win big bucks from a minimal outlay. From weekly free bingo to buy one get one free tickets, big fat jackpots are just one of the advantages to choosing Sun Bingo as your online bingo haunt.  


The best bingo rooms to play in, in our opinion, are:  


Candy Room  

Cash Cave 

Mystic Meg 

Jazz Room  


Sign up with Sun Bingo  


Like the sound of what Sun Bingo has to offer? Sign up through Bingo Sites today and claim a whole £50 worth of free bingo bonuses!  


Betfred Bingo  


If it is 70, 80 and 90 ball bingo fun you are after then look no further than Betfred Bingo, offering a diverse, comprehensive list of bingo rooms that everyone can enjoy. Placing a huge focus on making their games user-friendly, playing games on Betfred is a breeze. As is generating big winnings, with this week’s biggest bingo jackpot reaching just under £10,000! This could be won from one win on a 5p game! Now, that’s impressive!  


If you are thinking of registering with Betfred Bingo and seeing what they have to offer in the way of bingo winnings, we recommend getting your bingo thrills in the Chill Out Room.  


With a chilled-out vibe AND opportunities to win thousands in House and Jackpot prizes, what isn’t there to like?   


Sign up with Betfred Bingo  


Become a member of the Betfred Bingo community today and you can start playing top bingo games with the help of a £40 bonus. That’s £40 worth of bingo games you can enjoy when spending just a tenner of your own money.  


William Hill Bingo  


Priding itself on its offering of big bingo bonuses and free bingo facilities, William Hill Bingo is  eager to give back to customers, providing them with all sorts of big money offers on a daily basis.  


However, most bingo players venture to the William Hill Bingo lobby to stay updated on the progressive bingo jackpots, entering games with the knowledge that a big cash drop would happen at any second!  


Popular games WIlliam Hill Bingo customers should consider playing are:  


Cash Cubes Bingo 

Stars and Stripes 

Party Bingo  

Deal or No Deal Bingo 

Bargain Basement  

Bingo Bowl  

Age of the Gods 


Sign up with William Hill Bingo  


If you are thinking of registering with an online bingo site then WIlliam Hill Bingo should certainly be on your radar. Become a member now and you can start making your way through the hundreds of bingo rooms with a free bonus of £30.  

How to use Bingo Sites 


None of these bingo sites tickle your fancy? If not, explore the many other bingo sites offering free bonuses and jackpots in abundance on our homepage. There, you can locate, compare and sign up with the top bingo sites the internet has to offer.  


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Look into Bingo

No social or cultural history of modern Britain would be Complete without a mention of Bingo. It is the popular game of the people: one that endures, that has transcended mere leisure and gambling to become a mindset, nay, religion in its own right. What other game has made such rich contributions to the English language? ‘Legs Eleven!” Two Fat Ladies!’ – phrases so familiar to us that we don’t even give them a second thought. They’re part of the furniture of the nation. But where did the bingo caller’s phrases originate? Many date back to the days of the music hall, and have survived through the decades even though their original meanings have fallen out of common usage. Military references and slang feature heavily, as do quips relating to celebrities, television, films and music. And the language has continued to evolve over time, embracing modern cultural and political references.

Although it’s now played online by over 100 million people worldwide, the true spirit of bingo hasn’t been abandoned – players are still urged to cast their ‘eyes down’. But we’re not just looking at bingo on our electronic devices: there are indications that the traditional ‘bingo night’ is enjoying a renaissance, finding fans amongst the younger generation, keen to feel the frisson of anticipation for that final number that makes ‘HOUSE!’

This book isn’t a comprehensive guide to the bingo caller’s lexicon – indeed, many of the numbers have the most prosaic of descriptors (`two dozen’ doesn’t require a great imaginative leap). It’s first and foremost a visual interpretation of those eccentric phrases – and it’s an affectionate homage to a generation for whom bingo night was and always would be the best night of the week.


As well as being one of the nation’s most popular pastimes, Bingo was the only game allowed by the British army, so many of the better-known number nicknames were invented by bored and embattled soldiers.

Why Kelly’s Eye? Many believe it refers to infamous Aussie rebel folk hero, Ned Kelly. Horse thief, bank robber and bare-knuckle fighter, Ned was perhaps most notorious for his unique iron armour, supposedly inspired by a visit to Melbourne museum. His helmet – Ned’s famous tin hat – was a quarter of an inch thick and had just a narrow slit for his eyes, a fearful sight for his victims. Finally captured and hanged for murder in 1880, Ned was apparently buried with both eyes intact so, despite the nickname, it was very much a case of eyes down .. .


This call is based simply on the similarity between the shape of the number and that of a familiar quacking bird.

Donald and Daffy may be the biggest ducks in the world but which is the littlest? Controversially, that honour belongs to the African Pygmy Goose. Technically a ‘perching duck’, its name comes from its stubby, goose-like bill and, at just twelve inches from the tip to tail, this little chap is the very smallest of the world’s waterfowl. When it comes to world records, he’s taken to it like one little duck to water.


Great British institutions that they are (alongside queuing and moaning about the weather), bingo and a cuppa go together like fish and chips and Ant and Dec.

GB’s proud tea-drinking tradition stretches back to the mid-seventeenth century when, curiously, it first appeared in the coffee houses of London. It rapidly gained popularity in all echelons of society, partly due to an advertising campaign enthusiastically claiming its ability to make the body ‘active and lusty’, and preserve ‘perfect health until extreme old age’. Over the years it has provided the perfect accompaniment to cucumber sandwiches in the gardens of Buckingham Palace and no self-respecting 1970s builder would have been seen without a cup of PG Tips or Ty-Phoo to wet his wolf whistle.



For now..


Scram, Clint Eastwood. Scoot, Roy Rogers. Skedaddle, John Wayne … This town ain’t big enough for the lot of us. Get on your horses and make way for the rootin’-est, tootin’-est son of a gun to fill a ten-gallon hat.

But who is this mysterious stranger, you may ask. None other than the grand-daddy of them all King of the Movie Cowboys himself, Mr Tom Mix. Actor, director and writer Tom paved the way for a century of westerns, starring in almost 300 silent films and talkies. A friend of the great Wyatt Earp, he’s appeared on a postage stamp, has a star on the walk of fame and has even been played by Bruce Willis. And all in the saddle of the mighty stallion with the best horse name in showbiz – not Trigger, not Silver but…Tony.


The number seven has been a symbol of good luck since ancient civilisations picked out what they believed to be the only seven planets in the night sky – the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. Pythagoras declared seven the perfect number, there were seven Roman and Egyptian gods, seven Wonders of the World and the seventh son of a seventh son was said to have mystical powers – compelling evidence of the number’s association with success and good fortune. Unless you happen to break a mirror, of course …


Close it behind you.


Number nine was a laxative pill issued by doctors in the army and navy. Its name supposedly came from the latest time a patient could make an appointment, 9 p.m. However, some claim the poor soldiers were unaware of the medicine’s properties and it was in fact a secret punishment for malingerers. An alternative explanation suggests that an army medical officer  was issued with a small black tin consisting of fourteen bottles of various pills and tablets, the most popular being a large black one – number nine. If this ran out, the medic would prescribe a number four and a number five or even three number threes.

Only one thing is certain – alternative facts are not a new phenomenon.


From the nursery rhyme ‘one, two, buckle my shoe’.

Alternatively, the domicile of the incumbent British Prime Minister (‘Maggie’s Den, Tony’s Den…’).


Two ones = a pair of legs.


Another rhyming call, this one has its origins in one of the most important books ever written. The Origin of Species By Means of Natural Selection was Charles Darwin’s groundbreaking treatise on evolution. His outlandish theories concerning natural selection were largely met with ridicule and he was openly mocked and depicted as an ape in Victorian newspapers and magazines.

While his views would eventually become accepted in the scientific community, Darwin was an easy figure to poke fun at – he was a recluse who had dined on armadillo, puma and owl (which he described as indescribable!) and, bizarrely, for a man so intrinsically linked with the subject of genetics, married his own first cousin.


Also known as ‘Unlucky for some’ (for all you triskaidekaphobes out there), the term ‘baker’s dozen’ has its origins, appropriately, in the 13th century. The Assize of Bread and Ale law was brought in to regulate the price, weight and quality of bread and beer produced in English towns and villages. Keen to avoid harsh punishments for short-changing customers, bakers added extra rolls to their batches. According to Hotten’s Slang Dictionary of1864 (the Urban Dictionary of its day) a baker’s dozen ‘consists of 13 or 14; the surplus number, called the inbread, being thrown in for fear of incurring the penalty for short weight.’ So in this case, the number 13 was good news for all except the medieval gluten-intolerant.


Originally a feast day for St Valentine, this day flourished during Chaucer’s times and in the 18th century the 14th of February became a day on which lovers expressed their feelings for each other by presenting hand-picked flowers, confectionery and handwritten cards – a tradition that continues to this day, although the flowers are more likely to have been picked from a bucket outside the local 24-hour garage and the heartfelt message on your card digitally reproduced by a popular online printing company.


As apposed to old and cynical.


`Sweet Sixteen and Never Been Kissed’ sang The Blue Mountaineers back in 1932. Although this popular song starts off with ‘Two red lips I can’t resist’, its romantic mood begins to fade in the second verse with the lines ‘She’s rolling her eyes’ and ‘she will tell the sweetest of lies’, and in the third, this tale of teenage love is revealed to be far from pure: ‘I’ll be perfectly frank. She’s worth millions, maybe billions, her dad owns a bank.’

As well as this being the age of consent, a sixteen-year-old may also drive a moped, pilot a glider, buy a lottery ticket and join a trade union – any one of which might make for a more romantic song.


Decades before a certain meatball-serving flatpack leviathan robbed the world of its Sunday afternoons, the most famous four-letter word to come out of Sweden was ABBA.

The Eurovision-winning Scandinavian supergroup’s defining moment was their 1976 disco ditty ‘Dancing Queen’ featuring the line ‘Young and sweet, only seventeen’ (teenagers were a different species in those days). Originally titled the less-than-inspiring ‘Boogaloo’ and rumoured to have been written for the new young Swedish queen Silvia, it was their only American number 1 and has been a wedding reception toe-tapper ever since.


At eighteen you can sue or be sued,

Have your body tattooed,

Ride that small motorbike,

That you yearn,

You can light up the sky,

With rockers you buy,

But once left,

You can never return.


This number represents a farewell to the teenage years, the bridge between childhood and adulthood – a time for first loves, first drinks and first spots. Although for some teen overachievers they were rather more…

Alexander the Great founded his first colony at just sixteen. Bobby Fischer became a chess grand master a year younger. Fifteen was also the age Annie (Get Your Gun) Oakley won a sharpshooting championship and Louis Braille invented a system ()Treading for the blind still used today. And at nineteen, Joan of Arc became a Saint and in 2014 the inspirational Malala Yousafzai won the Nobel Peace Prize.

How’s that Geography GCSE looking now…?


Why is twenty known as a score?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, as long ago as the year 1100, shepherds would keep a score of heir sheep by marking every twentieth animal with a notch on a wooden stick (sadly this system fell into disuse as too many shepherds fell asleep before making the first mark). The word score, originally from the Norse skor, then became the name of a 20-pound measure used to weigh pigs and oxen.

Most commonly, it has been used to describe a person’s lifespan, as in William Shakespeare’s Macbeth when one old man recounts his memories amounting to ‘threescore and ten’ years.


`21 today, 21 today, I’ve got the key of the door, never been 21 before!’

So have sung many a young lady and gentleman over the years because, up until 1970, that was the age you were legally considered an adult and would be presented with your own house key for the very first time, allowing you to come and go as you wished.


This pair of indigenous waterfowls make up One of the game’s most famous calls, usually met with a resounding response of ‘Quack! Quack!’ It may be a myth that ducks’ quacks don’t echo in the wild but they certainly do around Britain’s bingo halls!

Perhaps the two most significant members of the species were discovered just a few years ago – a couple of small carved stone ducks were unearthed close to Stonehenge, which, along with a further 5000 even more ancient artefacts, led historians to believe the site was used for public occasions 3000 years before the huge stone circle was erected. Is this conclusive proof that Stonehenge was the world’s first bingo hall?


The use of the opening line from the 23rd Psalm in the Old Testament is an example of the other great religion after bingo – religion. The connection goes further -both take place in church halls and in Bingo, the Lord’s name is regularly taken in vain.

As well as being one of the most quoted sections of the Bible, Psalm 23 features in songs by many of the biggest stars ()frock and pop history. Here’s this week’s Top of the Psalms from ten to one…

10. The Moody Blues

9. Pink Floyd

8. U2

7. Coolio

6. Tupac Shakur

5. Marilyn Manson

4. Megadeth

3. Kanye West

2. The Grateful Dead

1. The Vicar of Dibley


Coming out of their shells.


Meaning skive or survive, Duck and Dive is a prime example of Cockney rhyming slang, which is responsible for many of Bingo’s most famous calls, as the game was, along with gin, one of the most popular pastimes among turn-of-the-twentieth century working-class Londoners. This ‘secret language’ evolved as a means for less salubrious groups to be able to discuss their nefarious activities under the noses of the local constabulary.

Famous fictional duckers and divers include Only Fools and Horses’ lovable rogue, Del Boy Trotter and Oliver Twist’s chirpy pickpocket, the Artful Dodger, who probably didn’t have to do too much ducking: Dickens described him as ‘altogether as roystering and swaggering a young gentleman as ever stood four feet six.’


Sadly no longer a part of the great British high street, the pick and mix was a shoplifter’s paradise where modern-day Artful Dodgers cut their teeth, figuratively and literally, merrily pocketing unguarded pineapple cubes, fizzy cola bottles and strawberry bonbons to their hearts’ desire. Although this pilfering may not have been as petty as you might imagine – the very last bag of Woolworths ‘Pick ‘n’ Mix’ fetched a mouth-watering £14,500 on eBay.


One sunny day, a young backpacker was hiking across a field when she happened on an astonishing sight. Hobblewaddling along near a dilapidated farmhouse was a one-legged duck leaning on a wooden crutch.

`What happened to your poor duck?’ she asked the farmer. ‘That,’ he beamed proudly, ‘Is the most amazing duck in the world!’ How so?’ she asked, intrigued.

`Well,’ said the farmer, ‘Last month the farm caught fire and not only did he call the fire brigade, he dragged my entire family out of the flaming building with his bill.’

`Incredible,’ said the backpacker, wide-eyed. ‘But why has he only got one leg?’

`Well,’ said the farmer, ‘With a, duck as amazing as that, you can hardly eat him all at once!’

Free Bingo

Bingo Sites with a £50 Free Bingo Bonus

free bingo

Bingo Sites With a £50 Free Bingo Bonus.

Bingo is a game of complete unpredictability, being the game’s charm as well as its downfall in many respects.

It is its great association with luck that makes the game so risky. However, with great risk comes the potential for great rewards.

This is why as an online bingo player, you will no doubt be looking for providers offering healthy welcome bonuses and freebies for new customers. Allowing you to test a site and your capabilities without parting with any money, you can warm up and prepare for that big win if you have an account packed with free bonuses.

Just remember, bonuses take away the risk and just leave you with the reward!

Below, we provide a brief overview of the bingo sites that are offering the best, juiciest bonuses on the internet. So, if you are on the search for a bingo site that understands your needs, keep on reading.

Ladbrokes Bingo

Ladbrokes is an online betting brand that most of us will associate with sports betting, being the go-to place for the best Premier League odds and to build footie accumulators.

That said, Ladbrokes is also one of the leading online bingo providers in the market, famed in the bingo community for its high-value bonuses and welcome offers.

With over £35,000 in daily bonuses up for grabs, Ladbrokes are keen to get as many people playing their online bingo games and take a punt at a big win. This all starts with an impeccable welcome bonus. On your first deposit with Ladbrokes, the site will give you the option to claim up to £50 in bonuses to use in bingo rooms.

This can be used on all sorts of games and to get involved with a variety of other promotions and deals. So, whether you like the idea of playing in Ladbrokes’ Deal of No Deal bingo room or wish to try your luck in the Basement Room, do so with the backing of free bonuses to use. And don’t forget, you can also play free bingo on Ladbrokes; giving you the chance to warm up and ensure you are spending your bonuses wisely.

Lucky Pants Bingo

Though a pretty silly name, Lucky Pants Bingo is incredibly serious about its free bingo bonuses, eager to maintain its reputation for being the most giving, trustworthy bingo provider around. This is why when registering with them, new members are given the option to claim a sizeable Welcome Offer to the tune of £150.

And, when claiming the bonus, you won’t be short of ideas on how to spend it, with the bingo site jam packed with bingo rooms that kickstart every few seconds.

This is in addition to the rather impressive slots lobby they boast. And, with lots of opportunities to spin for free, the winning opportunities just keep rolling in!

Lucky Rainbow Bingo

Lucky Rainbow Bingo is a popular bingo site that is attracting both bingo pros as well as newbies. This is because it literally has something for everyone. From free bingo rooms to excessive jackpots and branded slots, there is a whole load of fun to be had as a Lucky Rainbow Bingo customer.

If you are considering making this site your next online bingo haunt then you will be glad to know that there is over £250 in free bonuses to be claimed.

So, if you are eager to find a bingo site where you can play 75-ball, 90-ball and Free bingo without breaking the bank, make your way over to Lucky Rainbow.

Plus, when you have unlocked your big fat welcome bonus, you can start to browse through the incredible array of slot games on offer. These include Starburst, Fluffy Favourites, Rainbow Riches, Chilli Heat, Gonzo’s Quest and so much more.

Give Back Bingo

While an online bingo site you may never have heard of, Give Back Bingo is a provider you should certainly not overlook. Promising an ‘amazing community’ paired with some of the most tech-savvy games we have seen, Give Back Bingo have lots to rant and rave about. One thing we love about Give Back Bingo is the fact that each month they donate a percentage of their profits to charity, hence the name! So, if you do lose, it kind of softens the blow knowing your money is going to charity rather than lining the pockets of a gambling site.

Kitty Bingo

Kitty Bingo has something that many of the big name bingo sites do not; a personal, friendly feel to its site. Constantly shouting about its variety of new and speed bingo games, Kitty offer both great games and a great place to play them. So, whether you want to make use of the free bingo games, Buy One Get One Free offers on bingo cards or want to get the biggest slice of the £1m+ prize pot, Kitty Bingo can make your bingo dreams a reality!

As well as its £50+ welcome package, players can also claim 100 free slot spins on their first deposit. These are on a select set of games that change every month.

Sign up with bingo sites offering big bonuses

If you are scrolling through the internet in a desperate plea to find the very best sites offering the very best bingo deals, then you can stop at On our homepage, you will find a never-ending list of suppliers eager to gain your business, offering big lump sums of cash bonuses to get you to sign up with them. This goes well beyond the bingo sites mentioned in this blog post.

So, for a full view of your bingo bonus options, make you way over to our homepage.

Free Bingo

How to Make the Most of Your Bingo Site Account

free bingo site

Making the Most of Your Bingo Sites.

Where the majority of us are persuaded to register with bingo sites by the juicy welcome bonuses on offer, freebies are not the only thing top bingo sites have going for them.

Through this blog, we give you a few tips and pointers on how to make the most of your online bingo account, ensuring you are getting the best from your bingo buck.

Claim the welcome bonuses on offer

As mentioned above, bingo bonuses tend to hook us in, being the reason most sign up with their chosen bingo site.

However, it is not uncommon for online players to claim bonuses and not use them, going straight into paid-for games. While it is up to you how and when you spend your bingo bonuses, it is advisable to make use of them as soon as possible, getting to grips with the way a bingo site, even a free bingo site, ticks without spending any of your hard-earned cash.

Make use of free bingo sessions

9 out of ten bingo sites will offer new players the option to play in free bingo rooms when first registering with them. While the prizes may not be big, it is nonetheless a free way to play fun bingo games and potentially win some money. 

Where most sites will offer free bingo tickets to rooms in your first week, some extend that offering for a whole month. And, a select few will even give members free bingo sessions on a weekend, keeping gameplay fresh and diverse.

Try a variety of games

Although you may have found a bingo game that you like, it pays to try all sorts of games with all types of themes and formats. This is because not only will it keep you engaged and having fun while on the site, but you can make use of all types of additional features and jackpots, improving the probability of you winning something.

Go for games with big jackpots

Online bingo jackpots increase the more people have bought tickets. While big jackpots mean more competition, you have to be in it to win it. So, if you do see an online bingo room with a life-changing sum on offer through its jackpot, buying a ticket or two may be your route to richness!

Have a spin on the slots

The average game of online bingo takes three minutes, having to call 1-line winners, two-line winners and eventually the full house winner. However, some, like Deal or No Deal Bingo for example, have extra rounds and features, meaning an online bingo game could take up to 5 minutes to complete.

Don’t fancy waiting that long? If so, it may be worth making your way over to the online slots lobby. Nowadays, over 80% of bingo sites offer some sort of online slots facility, offering you the chance to spin on colourful slots that take less than a second to complete. Coming in all shapes and sizes, online slots are truly incredible to play on, with themes varying from traditional casino to gothic, movies and more!

Get rewarded for your loyalty

When playing regularly on an online bingo site,  you may  well experience a loss or two. But, don’t let that put you off because most bingo sites will reward you anyway.

This will be in the way of loyalty points. These are points issued by a bingo site to a player every time they wager money. Then, when a player has collected X amount in loyalty points, they can cash them in for free bonuses, cash prizes and in some cases, holidays and cars! As you can imagine, the more loyalty points you collect the more attractive the giveaways coming your way.

This is why keeping an eye out for sites promoting free bingo games, loyalty programmes and schemes should be your priority.

Partake in the chat rooms

Playing bingo the traditional way in a bingo hall with friends and family is arguably unmatched, being a social event that is just as much about the laughs as the game itself. This is something that was arguably lost when bingo was reinvented online.

However, over the years bingo brands have invested heavily in building online bingo communities. One way they have achieved this is through featuring chat rooms within bingo rooms, allowing those within the game to chat away with one another as the numbers are being called. Allowing real relationships to be formed, these chat rooms add a layer of fun and excitement to your average game. From getting to know one another to congratulating winners, players can now enjoy all the charms of a real bingo hall without leaving their sofa.

The best bingo sites offering top bingo bonuses

Are you looking for a new online destination to play online bingo on? If so, we highly recommend checking out the below sites. All boasting an attractive welcome bonuses as well as hundreds of thousands of pounds in daily winnings, you can’t go wrong when becoming a member of any of these bingo sites.

  1. Betfred Bingo – Although a brand we associate with sports betting, Betfred has a lot to boast about when it comes to their online bingo offering. With exclusive rooms and one of the longest promotions list we have seen, new players are in for a real treat when registering. Sign up this month and you can claim a free £30 to play with.
  2. Kitty Bingo – This is a bingo site that is growing in popularity by the day, offering new players a huge welcome bonus plus the option to win £1000 every single month. This is in addition to the FREE spins new players can also claim on registration.
  3. William Hill Bingo – Here we have another sportsbook brand offering bingo fun and games. Promising players big winning opportunities on a daily basis, those registered with William Hill Bingo can start their bingo playing journey with a £25 bingo bonus when they spend just £5 of their own.

Register with any of above bingo sites and many more on the Free Bingo homepage now! 

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Free Bingo

10 Best Free Bingo Sites Offering Halloween Promotions

Free Bingo

10 Free Bingo Halloween Promotions.

With October now upon us, it is pretty scary how quickly the year has flown by. With Halloween around the corner, things are about to get a whole lot scarier.

While everyone in the UK loves getting involved in the spookiness of October 31st, Free Bingo take things one step further, with some even rebranding to give their bingo sites a frightful feel. 

Here at Free Bingo, we are eager to see what sites are offering what in the way of Halloween-related deals and promotions, directing our website users to the best sites offering the juiciest offers! 

So, if you are a fan of bingo and the world of horror, check out these unbeatable Free Bingo Halloween Promotions and deals you can enjoy anytime! 

The £10K Wicked Slider Room at Foxy Bingo 

Where most online free bingo sites are offering a cheeky fiver here and a cheeky tenner there to mark Halloween, Foxy are investing a lot more time AND money in their Halloween promotions. 

The £10K Wicked Slider Room is a room like no other, giving members the chance to win a screamin’ £10,000 cash. The top reward guaranteed to one player is £5K, with the person who calls House expecting a big cash reward! 

This game will take place at 9pm on Saturday 2nd November so be sure to register with Foxy Bingo ahead of Halloween!   

Sign up via Free.Bingo now and you can claim a FREE £20 welcome bonus on registration. This will be deposited into your account and can be spent on any bingo ticket you want! 

The Sun Bingo – £120,000 in October prizes 

Another site ramping up the giveaways during the month of October is The Sun Bingo, giving its members the opportunity to win a huge £120,000 in prizes during this frightful month. 

Hosting big Bingo prize games every Friday and Saturday in the Deal or No Deal rooms, each weekend puts £30,000 up for grabs over every weekend. Just think how many pumpkins you can buy with that! 

Sign up with The Sun Bingo this month and you can enjoy £50 worth of bingo bonuses. That’s in addition to the free bingo rooms on offer to you in your first week as a customer; many of which have cash prizes to play for. 

Join the Halloween Bingo Party with Fabulous Bingo 

Ain’t no party like a bingo party! And, what’s better than a bingo party? A Halloween bingo party of course! 

Come and join in with the bingo fun on Fabulous Bingo, making your way over to the Paris Room from 8-9 on the weekends. With a guaranteed £100 CASH to be won on the Full House, 2 Lines or 1 Line, Fabulous really are fabulous! Tickets cost just 10p and you can play 10 times a night. 

If you decide you want to be a member of the Fabulous Bingo site this month, you will be welcomed with open arms, with the site gifting you a £30 welcome bonus to start your online bingo journey with. And, this doesn’t have to be used in the Paris room, able to be spent in any of the 100+ bingo rooms on offer. 

Play Hocus Pocus Bingo at Dream Bingo 

Combining one of the greatest Halloween films with the best game in the world, Dream Bingo has launched Hocus Pocus Bingo; a bingo variation that we simply cannot fault. The action takes place in the Friendship Room with 10 games kickstarting every day, each boasting a Stop on Win Jackpot!

Now, that’s a whole lot of bingo fun to get your teeth stuck into!   

Sign up with Dream Bingo and you will quickly see the freebies roll in. On registration, Dream Bingo will place a £30 bonus into your account, allowing you to get involved with promotions like this without parting with any of your own cash.   

Free Bingo on October 31st with Boylesports Bingo 

While big jackpots and fun-themed games will be the focus for some, for many players, a cheeky few games of free bingo will not go a miss on Halloween. Keeping their Halloween promotion simple, this is exactly what Boylesports is offering.

  To enjoy FREE bingo this Halloween, all you need to do is play games in the site’s Superbooks collection from 5pm-6pm. Upgrading your tickets is also an option, allowing you to unlock all types of extra bonuses, free bingo options and cash prizes! 

Becoming a member of Boylesports Bingo is a great idea if it is regular bingo promotions you are after.

Sign up via Bingo Sites now and you can start playing in various different bingo rooms with the backup of a free £30 welcome offer. 

Sign up with bingo sites now! 

If you are looking for a new site to play online bingo on this Halloween then you are in the right place.

Here at Free Bingo, we have pooled all of the best bingo sites together under one digital roof, giving you a snapshot of what each bingo site is offering when it comes to online casino bonuses, giveaways and jackpots. 

As well as the bingo sites mentioned in this blog, the below sites are also offering incredible welcome bonuses and new player offers: 

ButterCup Bingo 

Betfred Bingo 

William Hill Bingo 

Paddy Power Bingo 

Lucky Rainbow Bingo 

Give Back Bingo

Kitty Bingo 

Lucky Pants Bingo 

Butterfly Bingo 

Wish Bingo 

So, what are you waiting for? Start signing up with the best bingo sites in the business and enjoy a whole heap of fun this October! 

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10 Bingo Sites to Register With in 2020

10 Bingo Sites to Register With in 2020.  

Are you looking to sign up with a new bingo site? If so, you will want to compare your options first, knowing what sites are offering what in the way of free bingo games, welcome offers, free bingo and loyalty programs.  

This is why at Free Bingo, we thought we would give you a helping hand, reviewing the top 10 bingo sites currently offering top welcome bonuses to online players. Ranging from some of the most popular UK brands to new providers on the market, we show you where to get the most for your bingo buck in 2020.  

Buzz Bingo 

Buzz Bingo is as its name suggests, buzzing with bingo games and options. Being an incredibly fast-paced site, there is always bingo fun to be had. From random cash prizes being dropped to new promotions making their way to the promo list constantly, there is never a quiet day as a Buzz Bingo member.  

Welcoming new members to their site with a welcome bonus of £30, players can get to grips with the site and its games without forking out too much of their own money. What’s even more attractive about signing up with Buzz Bingo is the seven whole days of free bingo on offer, available to all players during their first week. 

Giving away over £4M every single week, Buzz Bingo is the right site for you if you are looking for those big winning opportunities.  

Mecca Bingo  

Mecca Bingo is a bingo brand you may well have heard of, having been around for over a decade now. Famed for its physical land-based bingo venues, there is a Mecca Bingo in most UK towns and cities now.  

However, as the brand grows, so does its online presence, with more and more Mecca Bingo players venturing to the brand’s site to indulge in a game of bingo or 10!  

Understanding the needs of modern players, Mecca kickstarts each membership with a £50 bonus. To claim this, new members must deposit and spend £10 of their own on online bingo. 

Robin Hood Bingo  

Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, Robin Hood is a tale all about destiny and opportunities. This is why Robin Hood Bingo is an aptly named bingo site, giving every single player the chance to win life-changing sums whatever they deposit. With big prizes on offer in its free bingo games as well as millions up for grabs in jackpots weekly, Robin Hood Bingo is a site like no other! 

As well as offering an endless number of incredible bingo game options, Robin Hood Bingo is also a fab online destination for slots, with the site offering players the chance to spin on Gods of Gold Jackpot, Starburst, Shaman’s Dream and the incredible Rainbows Riches.  

What’s more is that when registering, you can claim a £50 free bingo bonus along with 50 FREE spins to use on the video slot of your choosing. Then, the world is your oyster, given a wonderland of online bingo and slot games to pick and choose from during their first week as a Mecca Bingo member. 

Heart Bingo  

On the search for a bingo provider where playing via mobile is a breeze? If that’s so, Heart Bingo is worth looking into. Working with a clean, functional design and putting NO caps on winning whatsoever, Heart Bingo ticks all the boxes in our opinion.  

Gared towards the savvier of players that want to play regularly with free bonuses, Heart Bingo is adding to its long list of promotions and bingo options daily. So, whether you like the idea of playing Deal or No Deal Bingo, Weekend Bingo or try your luck on the slots, Heart Bingo will have something for you to enjoy as and when you want.  

Register with Heart Bingo now and you can start your Bingo journey with a handy £50 bonus in your back pocket. That’s as well as the 30 free spins you can use on the site’s slots lobby. But remember, these will have to be used within 3 days of registration.  

The Sun Bingo  

Owned by the Sun corporation, The Sun Bingo is stood on the shoulders of giants, expected to offer great things in the way of online bingo technology and free bingo deals. And, it is safe to say that it does not disappoint, providing endless bingo fun and freebies to its growing community of UK bingo players.  

Outshining its competition with its use of modern gaming technology, playing bingo on Sun Bingo is just as, if not more gripping that playing in a bricks and mortar establishment.   

And, The Sun Bingo is one of the only bingo sites out there offering free bonuses with no deposit required. This means that the £10 free bonus on offer is exactly that; free!  

That’s not to mention the daily, weekly and monthly bingo promotions all members can get involved in.  

Glossy Bingo 

Allowing you to choose from a huge amount of bingo games and over 300 slots, Glossy Bingo is a bingo brand that likes to keeps things fresh, always moving things around and adding new games and promotions to keep their members gripped.  Putting fun at the centre of everything they do, Glossy Bingo has recently introduced daily deals, giving all types of players the chance to win top bonuses, free bingo, free spins and enhanced loyalty points.  

This is as well as the welcome bonus available to claim on registration. Doubling players’ first deposit for £10 to £20, Glossy Bingo basically give players a free £10 to play with; all of which can be used on any of the bingo games on offer. 

One thing we particularly like about the Glossy Bingo setup is the fact that players with all types of gambling budgets are welcome. From those that want to play free bingo or play with just a penny or two to those eager to bet big and hope to turn a big profit, the site accommodates all players 24 hours a day.  

And, this is not a site for the one-time player either. In fact, Glossy Bingo is renowned for encouraging loyalty amongst its players. This is arguably down to the incredible loyalty program on offer, giving away exclusive bonuses and rewards to those that play bingo with them regularly.  Spread over 5 levels, the ‘Glossy Rewards’ just keep on coming.  

Rosy Bingo  

Unlike many of the other bingo sites out there, Rosy Bingo is much more than a place to claim a bonus, spend it and move on. Giving players reason after reason to return, Rosy Bingo simply has it all. From regular promotions and rewards to new games and a great attitude towards customers support, Rosy Bingo knows how to treat its customers and treat them well.  

Proudly featuring customer reviews on its homepage, you can tell that this is a trustworthy bingo site that wants to provide a great online bingo experience.  

Adding another dimension to its site, Rosy Bingo basically allows you to pick your own welcome offer, inviting you to spin a slot to reveal your bonus. In most cases, these bonuses are also accompanied by 100+ free slot spins! Adding an extra layer of excitement to joining, this sets a great precedent for what’s to come.   

Foxy Bingo  

As one of the biggest names in online bingo, Foxy Bingo is a true force to be reckoned with when comparing the brand to its competitors. Upholding its great reputation, Foxy Bingo gives its customers what they want; a top-quality bingo experience bolstered by amazing prizes and bonuses.  

And, the fun starts from the very offset, with Foxy Bingo inviting new players on board with the added extra of a free bonus. This month, the bonus stands at £40. Giving players 14 days to meet the wagering requirements, Foxy Bingo ensures players are making the most of their incredible bingo games from day dot.  

Investing in its collection of games and exclusive bingo rooms, Foxy Bingo is a great bingo site options for those that like to swap and change their rooms regularly, trying new things to keep their gameplay fresh.   

Bingo – on the bingo front, members can choose from a range of 75 ball and 90 ball variations; all of which put juicy jackpots up for the taking. With a ‘new and exclusive’ section, the site makes sure everyone is aware of the new and improved games on offer as and when they drop. Through our research and reviews, we have found the Cash Out, Fab Grab, Foxy Hideaway, Foxy Cubs and Foxy Treats to be the best bingo rooms to enter and play in.  

Slots and Games – Although best known for its high-value bingo games, Foxy Bingo also features a host of slots and casino games for its members to enjoy. Ranging from classic we all know and love such as Monopoly and Deal or No Deal to Dynamite Riches and Cabaret Magic; the list goes on.  

That’s not to mention the scratch cards and slingo games available to all members of Foxy Bingo. 

Costa Bingo  

With a vibrant and friendly community, Costa Bingo is a great place to play 75 ball and 9 ball bingo, full to the brim with bingo game options for both casual and pro players. Sympathising with the need to cater to small and large spenders alike, Costa Bingo is always improving its site to ensure it can cater to everyone, always.   

And, one thing you will be happy to hear is that there is always free bingo options up for grabs, with Bingo Academy, It’s Free Baby and Freebie Reload all being great free bingo options.  

Just recently, it added a whole heap of slot games to its collection too, allowing members to play over 500 different slot games in between their bingo sessions. This includes original games such as Cleopatra and Ted.  

Gala Bingo  

For many bingo players, they want to register with a name they know and a name that they can trust. This is why the Gala Bingo site is always a popular one; welcoming thousands of new players on board every single month. Capturing the interest of all types of players with its huge variety of promotions, there is never a dull day on Gala Bingo. From the £30 of free bingo on offer on registration to the Gala Rewards Program that reward players the more they play, Gala Bingo has just so much going for them.  

Wanting to welcome new members into their community with open arms, Gala Bingo members can enjoy a free bonus and free spins when they register. And, for the bingo brand’s social media posts, we can expect even bigger jackpots this year.  

Register with top bingo sites here  

If you are looking to sign up with any of the above bingo sites this year, register through us now. With exclusive bonuses up for grabs and new year promotions aplenty, there is no better time to get involved and try something new!  

To sign up, select the logo of the bingo site you want to become a member of and follow the instructions. Then, you can claim your free bingo bonus and away you go!