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Deal or No Deal Bingo: How and Where to Play it! 

Deal or No Deal is the greatest game show of our time, offering adrenaline-pinching finales and big winnings in abundance.

Hosted by the legend that is Noel Edmonds, it doesn’t matter what age you are, Deal or No Deal is class! 

And, unlike many of the other bingo games based on game shows, Deal or No Deal Bingo is pretty classy too!

Retaining all the charms of the original game show, you can even enjoy Noel calling out the numbers!

Below, we provide an introduction to this bingo game as well as a few tips and advice on how to go about playing it. From detailing the winning options to directing you to the best bingo sites to play Deal or No Deal Bingo on, we cover everything when it comes to this extraordinary bingo game.   

Prizes to be won 

While tickets start from just 5p a pop, the prizes on offer are colossal, with jackpots often surpassing the £5,000 mark. And, players should not just be focused on bagging the jackpot, with 1 Line, 2 Line, 3 Line, 4 Line and House prices also being rather attractive. Although the prize money goes up depending on how many people have joined the game, the average House win sits at a respectable £200+! 

So, if it is big prizes, multiple winning opportunities and some good old-fashioned fun you after, keep an eye out for Noel and his bingo treats!

Free demo 

When opening up a new tab to play a game of online bingo for the first time, you need a few seconds to work out how the game works, where you need to look and generally how the game is setup. This is why on most sites offering Deal or No Deal Bingo, you will be able to watch a free demo, watching a game unfold without parting with any money for a ticket! 

Win more with the Deal or No Deal Boxes feature 

Where most bingo games come to their end when someone wins the House, this is not the case with Deal or No Deal Bingo, with the Winner of the House prize invited to partake in the Deal or No Deal Boxes feature. Basically, the Banker gives the winner the option to go ‘Deal’ or ‘No Deal’ with their number, offering the winner up to £1000 in additional winnings. It is not uncommon for the prize given in this bonus round to exceed the value of the House win, so be sure to hang around for it if you are crowned the House winner.

So, whether you have been left with a red or a blue box, there is plenty of winnings up for grabs. 

Where to play Deal or No Deal Bingo 

As one of the most popular bingo games of the year, you can now play this unique take on bingo on pretty much any bingo site you wish. Below, we look at the top bingo sites offering the best bingo bonuses to play Deal or No Bingo with! 

Deal or No Deal Bingo at Paddy Power 

Paddy Power is a place where many bingo players flock to enjoy top bingo games, with many of the site’s bingo rooms boasting over £20,000 in progressive jackpots. Placing Deal or No Deal Bingo as one of their ‘top’ options, Paddy Power understands just how fun playing in this room can be. 

With games starting every 5 minutes, Paddy Power is a great option for those that want to play regularly. 

Register with Paddy Power Bingo via Bingo Sites now and you can claim an incredibly generous £40 in bingo bonuses when you spend just £10 of your own. This is in addition to the FREE 20 spins on offer to new members.

Deal or No Deal Bingo at Ladbrokes 

Think Ladbrokes is just a sport betting provider? Think again! Ladbrokes actually has one of the most popular bingo lobbies on the internet, offering thousands of bingo room sessions every day of the week.

Propped up by a whole host of bingo deals and promotions, choosing Ladbrokes as your bingo provider is a wise move! 

And, if it is Deal or No Deal Bingo games you are after, then you are in luck, with Ladbrokes Bingo’s members able to access and play in rooms all day, every day. 

What’s more is that you can unlock a £50 deposit when you deposit and spend £10 on Ladbrokes Bingo.

And, if you want to spend all of your bingo bonuses on Deal or No Deal Bingo, then you can do just that!   

Deal or No Deal at Sun Bingo 

Sun Bingo is a site we endorse quite a lot here at Bingo Sites. This is because they have always got something going on that is worth shouting about. Being all about offering intense, adrenaline-pinching bingo games, it comes as no surprise that the site features Deal or No Deal Bingo. 

So, if you think you can break the banker, be sure to head over to the bingo wonderland that is Sun Bingo!

Sign up with free bingo 

Are you looking to register with top bingo sites to get your bingo thrills? If so, we can certainly help, offering information and insights into big bingo brands, new bingo platforms and everything in between.

Wanting to ensure our users are getting the best bang for their bingo buck, we look at bingo providers offering great games, prizes and more importantly; promotions. 

Below is our shortlist for the best bingo sites to sign up with this month, as well as the welcome deals they are currently offering to newbies. 

Fabulous Bingo – £30

Kitty Bingo – £30

LuckyPants Bingo – £150

Betfred Bingo – £40

Coral Bingo – £30

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Things to know as a new bingo player

Things to Know as a New bingo Player 

The number of UK people playing online bingo is always on the up, with new variations of the age-old game attracting people to online bingo sites constantly. 

But, for those new to online bingo, it is important that you spend both your time and money wisely, ensuring your first efforts to beat the house are as successful as they can possibly be. 

So, if you are looking to register with a bingo site and kickstart your bingo-playing journey, take our below tips and advice on board. 

Find a site that offers free bingo 

The last thing you want when first playing bingo is a loss, especially if it costs you money. This is why for beginners, the mission should be to uncover bingo sites that are offering free bingo. And, there are plenty of bingo sites out there inviting new players into free bingo rooms. 

Below are just a few of the top bingo sites offering free bingo games to beginners: 


Sun Bingo 

Luckypants Bingo

Buttercup bingo 

Kitty Bingo 

William Hill Bingo 

Lucky Rainbow Bingo 

What’s more is that many of these bingo sites are offering prize pots; even in the free rooms. Removing the risk but upping the ante when it comes to the rewards, free bingo rooms are simply a must-visit!

Bingo Sites with juicy welcome bonuses 

Again, new bingo players should be doing all they can to protect themselves financially. This is where claiming free welcome bonuses can work well, allowing amateurs to trial and test various games without breaking the bank. On average, the conventional bingo site will offer around £20 in free welcome bingo bonuses. However, in some cases, bingo providers can promote welcome deals that surpass the £250 mark. Where these are few and far between, they do still exist.

If you are a newbie equipped with a chunky welcome bonus, then use this as an opportunity to get to know the chosen site, gaining an understanding of the winning odds as well as what you do and don’t like about a site. 

At the moment, the bingo sites offering the more sizable welcome offers include William Hill Bingo, Bet365 Bingo, Bet at Home Bingo and many more. 

Ensure your bingo site has live chat 

Most bingo sites will promise to be hugely passionate about great customer service. But, the truth is, most just are not. While this may not be hugely important to pro players that know exactly what they are doing on an online bingo site, for new players, support from the provider is a must. We have found Live Chat features to be the best form of support, giving new players direct access to a support team. With instant responses and available 24 7 with most bingo sites, Live Chat is an attractive feature to say the least. 


While you may have registered with a bingo site purely to get to know online bingo and hopefully make a few bob, you will quickly notice that online slots are being promoted to you as well. In fact, many online bingo sites will offer free slot spins as an add-on to their bingo welcome bonuses. Being easy, fun and unpredictable, we highly advise partaking in a game or two of slots when trying out new places to play bingo. 

1p games 

After spending your free bonuses, you may still not be ready to part with big sums in a mission to win big on the bingo. If you find yourself in this position, then why not make use of 1p games? As their name suggests, these are bingo games taking place in rooms that cost just 1p to enter. Allowing you to keep outlay minimal but still get rewarded if a win comes in, this is a great compromise that sees everyone on the front foot. Popular bingo sites offering 1p games includes Bet365 Bingo, Ladbrokes Bingo, Party Pants Bingo, Lucky Rainbow Bingo and many, many more! 

Buy one get one free bingo offers 

Looking to take your bingo playing activity up a notch? If so, you should consider making use of buy one get one free offers; online bingo offers that see you play twice but only paying once. What this does is softens the blow if you lose but accelerates your winnings if the game is a success. However, it is worth doing some digging into BOGOF offers before opting in. Where some will make you play one game after the other, others will give you the chance to play your free game within the next month after playing the first. 

Register with reputable bingo sites today! 

The best bingo sites for beginners can be found on Bingo Sites right now, with our site constantly updated to show the best bingo sites offering the most sizable welcome bonuses and promotions.

Allowing you to search, compare and register from the comfort of your smartphone, we take away all the headaches associated with shopping for bingo sites. 

Where all of the bingo sites we feature on our site are worth consideration, some have a lot more to offer than others. Below are our top suggestions for the month along with the welcome offers they are currently treating new customers with. 

Sun Bingo – As part of a bigger collection of brands, Sun Bingo is famed for its attention to detail, always putting the customer first. This can be seen by their site’s welcome bonus, giving customers an ample £30 to play with on their first deposit. 

Give Back Bingo –  Give Back Bingo is a bingo brand that gives to charity every single month. But that doesn’t mean that they forget about their customers. Register with this particular bingo site and you will enjoy a free bonus worth £30.